What is making these politicians so mad?

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What is making these politicians so mad?

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Ever wondered what what the feeling would be like fighting against the state/politicians?

Well it’s pretty rough, especially when your a start up trying to shake up the medical marijuana industry to bring on more patients!

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been fighting to get Washington DC to change some of its strict rules in the program. Things like allowing out of state card holders, opening more dispensaries around the city, and even considering a legal delivery service have been brought to attention by us.

However, most of the time our ideas wont get heard or even piss off a couple individuals. Here are three questions that may have caused a few people to get angry:

  • “When will reciprocity go into affect?” The fact that the state hasn’t given a date on allowing DC dispensaries to sell their medicine to card holders from other states is absurd. Of course this is a tough question to ask when no movement has happened so far.
  • “When is the next dispensary opening?” Another question patients cant seem to get an answer to. Has there even been a location chosen yet?…
  • “Why has the program been so slow in terms of progression?” In all honesty, this is the question that has stirred up the most controversy. Of all the states with a medical marijuana program, DC is the smallest with only 5 dispensaries. Why haven’t new processes been put into place to bring in more patients that need their medicine? What is the reason for only letting patients in to ONE dispensary? These are questions that the politicians and state cant seem to answer.

What are you guys thoughts on your current states program so far? We’d love to hear!






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