The safest way of getting your Maryland Or D.C Medical Marijuana Card
Getting your medical marijuana card shouldn't be hard work, nor should it come at a hefty cost.
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    This was a painless and quick experience. I was pretty anxious about talking to a doctor about Marijuana treatment. It really was super simple. Just filled out the form online, went to my appointment, uploaded my docs, and completed the process. I was approved at my consult and I received the card in the mail 3 weeks later. Very simple and highly recommended.”
    Jonathan Emeka
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    I wasn't sure what to expect but I am SUPER impressed with the service and platform. The Dr. I met with was thorough, engaging, and really took the time to ask me all the appropriate questions to ensure she was comfortable with my recommendation. The technology worked like a charm and I was able to get an appointment the same week and my card in the mail!”
    Jean Delough
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    The experience with MetroXMD couldn't have been better. A compassionate and nice doctor who was very knowledgeable. The staff removed the negative stigmas immediately and listened to my medical issues with care. I'd recommend this website to anyone who could benefit from cannabis. So much better than the garbage prescription medicine out there!"
    Michael Thomas
How it Works?
Getting your medical marijuana card shouldn't be hard work, nor should it come at hefty cost.
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Choose a location that works best for you to visit one of our doctors. We have multiple doctors throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.


Book Your Consultation & Register using your Smartphone or Laptop.


Meet with a Doctor and Receive Your Recommendation once Approved. The medical evaluation fee is $200.


Register with the State and Get Your Medical Marijuana Card!

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Our Professional Doctors
Our professional licensed doctors take pride in what they do. With years of experience in the medical world and in the cannabis industry, they understand the best route to take on your journey to your new medicine.

About us

MetroXMD is a Medical Marijuana group that helps everyday people find physicians that will prescribe them medical marijuana based off of their ailments.Our program is the safe and legal way of obtaining your medical card to gain access to purchase from dispensaries.We help patients seamlessly get a medical marijuana recommendation by connecting them with licensed physicians through our platform.Our patients get to easily meet with a doctor close to their location and can find dispensaries and delivery services int their city.Upon registering for our program, clients are required to undergo an examination with a licensed physician who will consult them on their ailments.Since we started in 2015, our team has seen and changed the lives of many patients by providing them access to alternative medicine.

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