Dupont Circle Medical Marijuana Card


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Get a DC Medical Marijuana Card in Dupont Circle

The secure and easy way to get a Medical Marijuana Card in the Dupont Circle area of Washington D.C.

How It Works?

1-Book Your Appointment – Click on “Get My Card Now” and chose one of the Washington DC options. Input your information and book an appointment with one of our licensed DC physicians. Our doctors are located in the Northwest and Northeast area. Your location will be given to you based off the date and time you choose..
2-Meet with a licensed Physician to get Approved – Meet with a Washington DC based medical marijuana doctor who will consult and evaluate you to get an understanding of your current ailments for approval. The consultation usually takes about 10-15 minutes. If you are not approved, your consultation will be free..
3-Get Approved – Once you are approved, you will receive a medical marijuana recommendation of approval at the doctors office. You’ll also receive the details on next steps to apply through the Department of Health.
4-Go to your dispensary and apply – Once your consultation is complete, you will need to go to your choice of dispensary and apply with the Department of Health. We highly suggest Herbal Alternatives located at 1710 Rhode Island Ave NW 3rd floor. They are located in the Dupont Circle area and offer some of the best products and customer service in the DC area. All card holders in the state of Washington DC MUST apply through the Department of Health who will issue the physical cards. Residents must show two proofs of residency and the recommendation the licensed medical marijuana doctor wrote for them. You can bring all of these to Herbal Alternatives and they will go ahead and assist you with the process. The card generally arrives in the mail within 3-5 weeks. You can also go directly on the Department of Health’s website and apply yourself here:

What you Receive:

One Year Washington DC Recommendation – Upon approval, you’ll receive a Washington DC certification for approval to use medical marijuana. With this you’ll be able to access one of the five dispensaries in Washington DC after applying through the Department of Health.
Simple Process – Our process is made to be simple, and guides you through the process of getting your Washington DC medical marijuana card in the Dupont Circle area. Our doctors are available every day of the week and are ready to consult with patients to get them approved and into dispensaries.

About Dupont Circle, Washington DC

Dupont Circle, located in the “Old City” of Washington DC is home of the historic “circle”where Massachusetts Ave NW, Connecticut Avenue NW, New Hampshire Avenue NW, P Street NW, and 19th Street NW all intersect. The circle gets is name from Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont.
The neighborhoods surrounding the circle are filled with vibrant and beautiful row homes dating back to the 1900s. Here you will see a good amount of Queen Anne and Richardsonian Romanesque revival style homes. It isn’t surprising to see a home in the area selling for upwards up $800k-$1M.
People are generally attracted to Dupont Circle for its amazing international culture and abundance of museums and embassies. Walking around Dupont you’ll find visitors of all ages viewing beautiful architecture, eating at amazing restaurants, even simply people watching the diversity and creativity around the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I have to live in Washington DC/Dupont Circle to become a Medical Marijuana patient?
Yes! You must live in Washington DC to purchase from the local dispensaries. However, you do not have to live in Dupont Circle to go to Herbal Alternatives.
2How do I qualify for medical marijuana in Washington DC?
To qualify for medical marijuana in DC you must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid ID, and also have two proofs of residency showing that you live in DC.
3What is the first step to getting a Washington DC medical marijuana card?
The first step is to meet with a licensed medical marijuana doctor in Washington DC. Go to our homepage and click “Get My Card Now” to begin.
4After I receive my recommendation, what do I do?
You will need to take your recommendation to one of the five dispensaries. There, they will apply for you through the Department of Health who will send your card within 3-4 weeks.
5How can I find a registered medical marijuana physician?
We provide the physicians for you! We assist you with find the right physician who will approve you in Washington DC.
6My primary care physician is not registered. Can I still get a recommendation from them?
No. You have to meet with a licensed physician who is licensed to prescribe medical marijuana.
7What is the cost?
The cost is $200 and that covers your medical marijuana recommendation. Once you are approved, you apply to DC for your medical marijuana card. The application fee is $100, but many dispensaries will pay this fee for you if you choose their dispensary.
8Okay, enough is enough. How do I see one of your doctors?!
You can simply Click Below to schedule your appointment. Choose Washington DC to meed with a licensed medical marijuana doctor in the NorthWest Washington DC area.