How Maryland can be the most profitable state for cannabis!

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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland
June 10, 2017
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June 25, 2017

How Maryland can be the most profitable state for cannabis!

medical marijuana maryland

Let’s face it, Maryland residents and individuals all across the East Coast have been waiting for the Maryland Medical Marijuana program to open up for years now. The hype has been real and some patients have had to go as far as driving across country to get access to medicine. Knowing that the program will be opening soon has brought a new wave of excitement to the industry.

The question is, how will Maryland compare to the states that have been doing this for a while now? Will the number of patients in the program exceed what we’ve seen in other states?

One important piece of information we should all be aware of is Maryland allowing out of state patients to participate in the program. This is in no way similar to states that operate recreationally; where anyone can come in, show an ID and start purchasing. This is much different due to the fact that patients can come and see a Maryland based doctor to get their card through the state as long as their approved.

How does this open up more opportunity for the Maryland program? Well, let’s look at Maryland on a map. Not too far from Maryland you have Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and a couple other states that don’t currently have a medical marijuana program. This means that residents in all of these states will most likely sign up to become card holders as well! We have residents calling from as far as North Carolina to get their recommendations for Maryland.

Maryland has the opportunity to be one of the best states to run a successful medical marijuana program if done correctly and efficiently. This means more jobs for the people of the state, more funding for other projects in the future, and less individuals being put on harsh forms of medication that have been the norm for years.

What are your thoughts on the program so far?



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