Women-led Cannabis Companies You Can Get Behind

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December 11, 2018

Women-led Cannabis Companies You Can Get Behind

Women have been taking the cannabis industry by storm. Whether they’re providing education, connections, products or power, women are arming themselves with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the industry. Below are just a few of the many women, and women-led companies, pioneering the business today.

GARDEN REMEDIES, Dispensary with locations in Newton, MA and Melrose MA

Dr. Karen Munkacy believed that there had to be a better way, there had to be another solution to help her patients in pain, those suffering from a wide array of chronic illnesses or injuries. She knew there had to be another solution to helping them manage their symptoms enjoy a better quality of life. That solution was medical marijuana.

In 2013 Dr. Munkacy found Garden Remedies and since 2016 she has been offering premium cannabis grown naturally in Central Massachusetts. The cannabis plant grown on site is grown with the highest standards meaning there are no pesticides or fertilizers, just all-natural flower, grown in living soil to the best indoor organic standards.

Their mission is to help as many people as possible by providing access to safe, legal and natural cannabis. They believe that knowledge is power and are tirelessly working to raise awareness about its proven benefits for individuals and communities such as the treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and PTSD as well as helping to alleviate nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Through the sharing of this knowledge Garden Remedies is able to engage actively in community discussion, from town halls to farmers markets, to help educate the masses on this ever-growing industry.

Their commitment extends to their new and emerging industry peers too, through their Catalyst Mentoring Program. Here, they equip newcomers with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the fast-evolving and complex cannabis market.



#WomenGrow is an organization dedicated to connecting, educating, empowering and inspiring women in the cannabis industry. The organization founded by Jane West believes that personal connections are the key to professional success in turn offering numerous events to its members. From there, Women Grow cultivates trustworthy business relationships and watches them grow, producing a professional network of aspiring cannabis business leaders.

Founded in 2014, Women Grow has been connecting, educating and empowering diverse leaders in all segments of the cannabis industry. Since their inception, they’ve helped to start

over 1,000 women-owned businesses in the marijuana industry. As the largest national network of cannabis professionals, Women Grow hosts monthly events for women & men across the US and Canada. Though the group is for everyone, they believe wholly in supporting women since they are ultimately the future of the industry, “Women make 80% of healthcare decisions and even consume more alcohol by volume than men. Female consumers will dominate cannabis purchasing in the same way they already control 85% of consumer spending. The inclusive teams creating marijuana products & services that women love will rise to the top as the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a national scale.” From the WomanGrow website.



Ellementa is much like Women Grow, they host networking events and workshops all across North America. The difference here is that Ellementa brings together women interested in cannabis as a health and wellness product, the ‘trendy’ lifestyle products we see on the market together, bridging the gap between the cannabis industry and the female consumer. Ellementa wants to educate women and help them to normalize the use of cannabis in their communities and their everyday lives. Showing the health and wellness benefits, and even opting it as a better solution than other, more chemical-richer, products.


Yummi Karma / High Gorgeous – Cannabis Beauty Brand

Yummi Karma, which launched in 2014, was most known for producing a full line of tinctures as well as their award-winning beauty line, High Gorgeous. As the first of its kind, High Gorgeous has been taking the industry by storm. Created by women, for women, they created a line of beauty products fusing together the skin-healing and soothing benefits of cannabis with the beauty products they already love. Their products are familiar with one simple addition, they are infused with THC and CBD to help them work even better. They are beneficial for those with skin conditions, back or neck pain and overall moisturization. This all-women led company dedicates themselves to creating consistent, safe, and fun products without parabens, soy or sulfates. They are always cruelty-free and infused with the best botanicals.

Yummi Karma LLC just recently became the first cannabis manufacturer to get a state license in Orange Country. What’s up next for the all-woman run company? Washington D.C.! The women of Yummi Karma are now planning on taking their new platform all the way to the White House to meet with President Trump to discuss the new drug policy.

They will, however, start a bit smaller. Yummi Karma is opening their doors to their newly licensed facility in Costa Mesa, CA. The ladies are determined to show their new neighbors how good the cannabis business can be for everyone.

www.yummikarma.com www.highgorgeous.com

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