Wanna get a job in the cannabis industry?

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Wanna get a job in the cannabis industry?

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With the weather getting better and time still ticking, many individuals are still anxiously waiting for some new news from the state of Maryland in regards to the MMP Program. For almost a year now, we’ve been waiting to get some good news about the program.

Well it looks like things are starting to move forward finally! A Baltimore based grow and processing company called Temescal Wellness will be holding a career fair for individuals interested in landing a job in the industry. Temescal Wellness believes that it is important that its staff represents the Baltimore community, one of diversity and love. We couldn’t agree more!

The fair will be held at the Baltimore Lithuanian Hall at 851 Hollins St from 6PM to 8PM on Feb 28th. Attendees can also pre-register by sending their resume to RSVP@temescalwellnes.com.

With the initial diversity problems that were raised once the grow and dispensary licenses were awarded, this will in some way bring more diversity, on a small level though.

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