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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Washington DC

MetroXMD Medica Marijuana Card Washington DC

MetroXMD can help patients get a medical marijuana card in DC.

Your DC cannabis card is a key to buying legal cannabis at the dispensary and there are steps you need to follow in making the approval process easy. Getting a medical marijuana card in Washington DC can be quite simple. The industry for medical marijuana is rising at the nation’s capital due to the loosened regulations and hands-off approach of the federal government.
The most difficult part is looking for a doctor who is authorized in prescribing a pot. This program is really easy enough if you want to enroll nut for certain reasons, not a lot of doctors are up to this practice. One easy way is to go to and click “get you card” to set an appointment with a licensed DC physician who will recommend you for medical cannabis.
For a medical marijuana card in Washington DC, once you have received a recommendation, you will need to fill out a patient application. It is a simple form which includes basic information and two proofs of residency. Participating physicians usually provide assistance to prepare and submit your application.
When spoken with few people like the dispensary owner, grower, a local politician, and people with the same business, they all agree that even if this program is not completely accessible, it is way easier to join than a year ago. In addition, this program has only started and there will be a lot more people who will enroll once it has gone public.
Washington DC is always at the center of marijuana debate over the past years not because of the program. Last November, residents from the said state have voted in legalizing small amounts of cannabis for its their recreational uses- a move which the Republicans in Congress have tried to avoid by defunding this program in the national spending bill.
So what can the residents say about this program? Washington DC is cool with the legalization of medical marijuana in Washington DC long time ago. Voters even passed a ballot initiative back in 1998 which could have created this program, but the Republicans in Congress blocked this law from being passed.
There are more than 4,000 patients who were enrolled in the medical cannabis program in DC since 2016 year. This industry is still small if you will have to compare it with the medical cannabis programs in other states. However, with the expansion dispensaries and growers are finding ways to keep marijuana on their shelves in order to satisfy the demand of their patients.
Congress have lifted this ban in year 2009 that in turn prompted the City Council in passing the medical cannabis law with a detailed regulations and open the first dispensary in 2013. Now more than ever, it is truly easy to get a medical marijuana card in Washington DC.

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