Introducing our Sister Company – Veriheal

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December 18, 2017
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September 19, 2018

Introducing our Sister Company – Veriheal


Not many companies can say they have a cool big sister that not only guides them, but assists them when they can’t provide a solution for their clients. But we can! Our sister company, Veriheal, who’s based right in our backyard (Alexandria VA) has fully taken the lead in our endevaours and will be the new “older sister” when it comes to our relationshiop.

Veriheal, an online platform that enables patients to find healing through medical marijuana. They also assist patients in finding dispensaries, offering education, and soon delivery throughout the state of California, Maryland, Maine, and Montana. As opposed to us, Veriheal isn’t just providing medical marijuana cards for patients. A lot of companies see us as just a 420 evaluation company in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. But with this new partnership, we consider ourselves much more.


Finding the right dispensaries can be tough, but Veriheal allows patients to find the closest dispensaries to them. They also have an online network for everything cannabis related called VerihealTV.

“We want our patients to not just get access to medicine, but understand the medicine”, says Joshua Green, co-founder of Veriheal.

Medical Marijuana is available and can be purchased now in Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, and many other states Veriheal operates in. As we only operate in DC and Maryland, Veriheal is another great source to go to not only for getting your medical marijuana evaluation with a license doctor in DC or MD, but also understanding and educating yourself on the medicine.









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