Baltimore Medical Marijuana Card will get you access to dispensaries

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Baltimore Medical Marijuana Card will get you access to dispensaries

Baltimore Medical Marijuana Card

MetroXMD is helping patients in Baltimore get a medical marijuana card.

After being successful in helping patients obtain a Baltimore medical marijuana card, MetroXMD is now expanding services to all of Maryland


“Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy and the most useful plant on earth. No other plant contains a wide range of medically active herbal constituents.” Says Dr. Ethan Russo from Cannabinoid Research Institute. However, most people aren’t aware of the propitious side of cannabis.

The herb can be used to treat conditions such as Glaucoma, epileptic seizures, Dravet’s Syndrome, anxiety and many more. According to recent studies, it is also proven cannabinoids can activate specific receptors throughout your body to produce pharmacologic effects. To make this short, it means cannabinoids can even kill cancer cells and help you cure cancer.

Be that as it may, it is still preposterous to avail cannabis for your medical purpose. That’s why we are here to help you. MetroXMD provides medical marijuana card for patients seeking to buy it legally. Through our platform, we were able to help thousands to obtain a Baltimore Medical Marijuana card.

While helping those patients, we were able to witness and apprehend the quality of cannabinoid treatments. Getting a Baltimore medical marijuana card is important, and dispensaries have seen a huge demand in the area. With more dispensaries expected to be open soon, it’s time that we help more patient in Maryland.


Get help from certified doctors

Buying cannabis can get you in trouble. However, with MetroXMD, you’ll get doctor’s recommendation to get medical marijuana from your state dispensaries. Our doctors are known to maintain high treatment standards and are certified to prescribe cannabis for patients as legally approved. So far, MetroXMD has helped over 3200 patients to get medical marijuana.


Your privacy is our top priority

The information’s we collect from our patients are stored on well-secured servers. We keep your information’s 100% private, and they are encrypted with leading software in the industry. When you seek help, we assure that you’ll have a tactful, safe and expedient experience.

Well, these are only a few plus points to mention. We aim to help more patients by expanding our services to Maryland. With that in mind, we have deployed our brand ambassadors in each major parts of Maryland to sign more people up. Maryland MMJ Card is available to you if you’re seeking for one.


Why should you choose MetroXMD?

We have helped thousands to get their medical cannabis. In fact, we helped over 1200 residents in Baltimore alone to get their MMJ cards. We are happy and proud to say that there were no reports of discomfort from our patients. We’d like to mention it here since that shows how satisfied the patients are.

MetroXMD is partnered with over 20+ dispensaries in the state to help you out. patients can get their medical cannabis from any of these dispensaries. Get approved to buy medical marijuana by undergoing a telemedical examination with any of our doctors. All you have to do is register with MetroXMD and complete your online profile, we will help you from there on.

It’s our aim to create an eco-system that connects patients, doctors, and dispensaries. On of our main offices, at 1 E Chase St Suite 1121, Baltimore, MD 21202, has helped advise patients on the process and helped them book appointments. We are moving forward in the right direction by expanding to Maryland. We even assist military veterans with PTSD in Maryland to get medical marijuana cards.


  1. Ellen Romanoff says:

    I filled out the form Maryland requires to get approved for medical marijuana. The certified physician for medical marijuana told me it would take about 7-10 days to receive the card for the medical marijuana. I was then to return to him so that he could give me an approval letter to take to the dispensary. I checked on the Maryland marijuana website, and they say due to high volume requests, that we are not to contact their office if we have not received our card within 45 days. Any suggestions on how to speed up this process? Is there a fee for the application? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Ellen,

      Was this taken care of for you?

      The MMCC had some delays a couple weeks back but their back in full swing. You should’ve gotten your approval by now.

      Let us know if you have any questions.

      MetroXMD Team

  2. Andrea Hughlett says:

    How do we get cards in columbia sc

    • Hey Andrea,

      Unfortunately we do not operate in South Carolina yet for patients to get their medical marijuana cards but in a few months patients will be able to get access to medicine in Washington DC. Reciprocity will be available by summer time so we will keep you updated!

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