5 Unconventional Ways To Get The Benefits of Cannabis

Medical Marijuana Illinois
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November 7, 2015
Physicians and Medical Marijuana
Physicians and Medical Marijuana
November 15, 2015

5 Unconventional Ways To Get The Benefits of Cannabis

  1. Tincture

You don’t hear much about tinctures, but they were the most common way people got their THC fix until cannabis was made illegal in 1937. An alcohol soak extracts the cannabis compounds. Apply a few drops directly under the tongue, and it’s rapidly metabolized into the bloodstream. Results are fast, dosing is easier to control. Buy ready-made tinctures, or make your own.


  1. Transdermal Patch

Like a nicotine patch: stick it on and experience the benefits for 8-12 hours. It makes six different varieties including indica, sativa, and hybrid, plus patch-supplementing gels and CBD compounds.


  1. Cotton Candy

Basically any recipe can be modified to include weed. But there’s still something unexpectedly nice about feather-light, THC-infused candy floss.


  1. Extended Release Pill

THC pills aren’t a new thing: however, the extended-release versions take cannabis one step closer to looking and acting like traditional medicine.


  1. Mints

Get minty fresh breath and an ultra-chill mindset simultaneously: medicated mints contain zero sugar, gluten, dairy, or soy – the only special ingredient is the 10mg of THC per mint.

[This article was an excerpt from Civillized Life news: https://www.civilized.life/seven-ways-to-get-cannabis-1450928588.html/]

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