Medical Marijuana Doctor in Salisbury

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Salisbury

Salisbury medical marijuana doctor for metroXMD.

Get a medical marijuana card in Salisbury with MetroXMD.

The Eastern Shore is getting a new dispensary and there also is a medical marijuana doctor in Salisbury who is seeing patients. MetroXMD now has operations in Salisbury, Maryland and allows patients in Wicomico County to be evaluated for medical cannabis treatment.

Peninsula Alternative Health will be opening on 400 Snow Hill Rd. and will soon be serving patients.

Mary Pat Hoffman, the clinical director for Peninsula Alternative health says that “It’s not going to resemble the dispensaries you see on T.V., like in Colorado.”

The Salisbury dispensary will actually be more like a pharmacy. It will not have any medical cannabis advertising on the outside or gimmicky signs trying to draw in the public.

The CEO of Peninsula Health, Anthony Darby, has plans to get patients the medicine they need to be treated properly for medical cannabis. The Peninsula Alternative Health dispensary is set to open in September.

Salisbury, Maryland, was initially born from the headwaters of the Wicomico River. This special place is nestled squarely between the beaches and the bay and has been attracting people to its stunning location for over 250 years.

Salisbury, Maryland is now one of the largest cities on the peninsula. Salisbury serves as the Capital of the Eastern Shore, combining many facets of the area including a vibrant economic opportunity, quality public education, world-class healthcare, environmental stewardship, medical cannabis dispensaries, globally known corporations, and an energetic and inspiring team of community leaders.

In addition to its familial theme, Salisbury is also a college town. As the home of Salisbury University, it welcomes students around the globe to come for a top-notch education. Around every corner, you can meet a former Salisbury University student who has fallen in love with the town, and decided to stay and make it their own.


How Can You Become A Medical Marijuana Patient In Salisbury?

At the moment patient needs to go to the MMCC website and register as a patient. Out of state patients can do the same as well. Once a patient gets an MMCC patient ID they can go to to book an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor in Salisbury to get approved and start purchasing cannabis.

The eastern shore will be having medical marijuana on its shelves this fall, and Salisbury Maryland seems to be moving ahead of the curve with its plans to open.

If you live in or near Salisbury, now is a good time to see a medical marijuana doctor and get your card today!


  1. Emmanuel Singh says:

    Great read. I live in Ocean City but I will drive to your doctor to finally b approved. This is long over due on the eastern shore. Thank you guys for what you do!

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    Long. Over. Due

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