Maryland Marijuana Doctors and Safety

Maryland Marijuana Program
Maryland Marijuana Medical Program In A Nutshell
August 17, 2016
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September 12, 2016

Maryland Marijuana Doctors and Safety

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Medical Marijuana meets OnePath Medical

Doctors in Maryland have been trying their best to learn more and more about the Medical Marijuana Program, as Maryland has the chance to be one of the largest markets we’ve seen in the country!

Multiple education platforms, referral programs, and even buildings have begun to pop up in Maryland solely for the purpose of Medical Marijuana. However, patients and doctors are still having a hard time connecting with the appropriate entities that can help keep their information private and safe.

One solution that would solve this problem is a safe, third party platform that allows Maryland marijuana doctors and patients to input their information and securely have it stored in one place. Our partners over at OnePath Medical are currently working on this solution in hopes of making the cannabis ecosystem in Maryland much easier to navigate through.

They plan on working with doctors, patients, and even dispensaries to make everyone’s lives much easier when it comes to purchasing cannabis. For instance, an initial consult with a doctor shouldn’t be hard work nor confusing. Patients should easily be able to find the closest doctor who can either see them within the most efficient time possible.

To find out more information or if you would like to hear more about OnePath Medical feel free to reach out to us!

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