How to Qualify in Maryland for Medical Marijuana

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How to Qualify in Maryland for Medical Marijuana

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Maryland is among the states that recently allowed for cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana in the country. The state also has the fastest growing industry among the states that recently opened to medical marijuana industry. On that note, people ask who and how do you qualify for medical marijuana in the state of Maryland.


When Will Marijuana Be Available in Maryland?

Maryland’s medical cannabis program will come in early 2017 and this program is expected to be one of the most accessible medical marijuana programs you’ll find in America, and especially on the east coast. The Medical Marijuana Doctor firm MetroXMD aims to expand and help the program to be accessible for Maryland residents.


On that note, registration and enrollment to the programs are expected January 2017 with the dispensaries to start selling medicine in the spring/summer of the same year. Already 23 states and the District of Columbia has allowed for medical cannabis to be legalized. The Maryland legislation, House Bill 881 by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, was signed in April 14, 2014 and made effective June 1, 2014 allowing medical cannabis in the state for two years now.


The bill tasked Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as well as the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission to develop regulations for identification cards and patient registry, dispensary licensing, possession limits and settling fees. In June 1, 2016, the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission may now issue how many dispensary licenses are needed to serve the medical marijuana demands of the patients and caregivers given identification cards in Maryland.


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What Maryland Medical Marijuana Conditions Are Qualified in the State?

Under the Maryland Medical Marijuana law and as per the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission, patients diagnosed are to be suffering from the debilitating conditions which are determined by the doctor. The medical conditions afforded by the Maryland Medical Marijuana law include a chronic or debilitating disease resulting for the patient to be admitted in a hospice or any in need of palliative care as well as patients on treatment for debilitating disease which produces anorexia, severe pain, wasting syndrome, cachexia, severe nausea and seizures. The medical marijuana doctors at MetroXMD have been approving hundreds of patients for medical marijuana.


How Can You Become a Medical Marijuana Patient?

In becoming a medical marijuana patient in Maryland, you must live in the state of Maryland. To become a patient you should contact MetroXMD. If you are a legal Maryland resident, you can apply to program. Patient must  obtain a written recommendation and have a 420 evaluation with one of our doctors to gain access to medical marijuana in Maryland.  You must have an evaluation with a licensed cannabis doctor to visit dispensaries in Maryland.

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