Why Residents from Virginia, W. Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware Are Excited About Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program

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Why Residents from Virginia, W. Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware Are Excited About Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program

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Virginia, W. Virginia, and Delaware are excited about maryland's cannabis program.

Soon the residents of not only Maryland can access a legitimized medical marijuana program but also residents from Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. They all are excited with Maryland’s new medical marijuana program set to come very soon. This new program is deemed to be one of the most accessible medical marijuana programs on the east coast.
Following the Maryland medical cannabis program, already a number of physicians registered with Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission are registered with the program to connect qualified patients to a Medical Cannabis doctor in Maryland.
**Persons Out-Of-State Can Get Medical Marijuana Recommendation**
The Maryland Medical Marijuana Program is a program following the Maryland Medical Marijuana law designed to cater to the medical needs of Maryland patients in need of medical marijuana. There are over 200 conditions, diseases and afflictions that cannabis is proven to help. Now that medical marijuana is legalized in Maryland, residents of the state and even out-of-the-state can finally take advantage of the benefits that medical marijuana can offer them.
But it is not only the Maryland residents that are excited for the Maryland Medical Marijuana Program as even residents outside are eligible for Maryland medical marijuana. Under the Maryland Medical Marijuana Program, anyone from Virginia, W. Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania can get a medical marijuana recommendation in Maryland. As long as they meet with a Maryland physician and establish a bona-fide relationship they can become approved as well. This way they are allowed to purchase cannabis from Maryland’s dispensaries once they open in 2017.
The Maryland Medical Marijuana Program does not require residency for anyone to be eligible for the program. They can be a patient as long as they have a valid US photo ID. For a patient from out-of-state, they can become a medical marijuana patient by being approved by a Maryland doctor. As such they will first need to get written recommendation for medical marijuana from an MMCC approved doctor in Maryland.
If you are a person out-of-state in Maryland looking to receive medical care, you simply need to a written certification and you will be able to obtain medical marijuana for the treatment of your condition. Sadly, though, Maryland dispensaries do not recognize other state’s medical cannabis ID cards yet. This means that even when they already have a medical marijuana ID from their state, they still have to obtain ID cards when they come to Maryland to access the Maryland Medical Marijuana Program.

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