Medical Marijuana Dispensary 101

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary 101


So you’ve got your card, and now you’re ready to head to the dispensary! But wait, what exactly am I supposed to do? Well RELAX should probably be the first thing. We’ll walk you through some loose rules of thumb that will help your first visit, and those thereafter go as smooth as smoke.

Visiting the Dispensary

Once you get the dispensary location, it’s important to clearly communicate your medical history and talk to the staff about what kinds of symptoms you are trying to mitigate. Are you having cramps? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you just looking for some light pain alleviation? All of these are 100% normal feelings and the more they know the better they can help match you with the right medicine.


Realize You Don’t Have to Know Everything

Some people get nervous because they have never smoked before, or some are just nervous in general. A lot of this nervousness may be attributed to a lack of knowledge, and just so you know, it’s okay NOT to know. Google is great, but the dispensary is hands down your best resource on strains, outcomes, methods, and all knowledge pertaining to your medical marijuana. So allow them to let you be served and take the passenger’s seat.


Different Effects

Once you have your cannabis, be aware that there are going to be many different effects on your body. Some people feel like they are as extreme as floating (probably smoking a strain known for that), and some people just have a simple pain alleviation and relaxed state. Whether your preference is to experience intense or light feelings, just know that everyone’s body is different and the best way to know what you’ll like is to try different things.


Be Courteous

The medical marijuana dispensary may in many ways become a trusted and vital role in your life, so make sure that you always treat with them with respect and allow them to do their jobs. Your doctor trusted you enough to recommend one of the best treatments on eart so you want to make sure you keep good standing with your dispensary. This all make for a better marijuana experience ultimately

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