Medical Cannabis testing firm gets the first Maryland license

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February 1, 2017
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February 13, 2017

Medical Cannabis testing firm gets the first Maryland license

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Steep Hill Maryland will test medical cannabis for potency and safety. It plans to set up a lab in Columbia, Maryland.

Even as Maryland’s medical marijuana industry continues to move through bureaucracy, a firm looking to provide testing and analytics is getting set up the right way. MetroXMD looked into the details to provide them directly to you.

Steep Hill Maryland said it received pre-approval from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to test medical cannabis in the state. It Is the first testing company to get the approval from the Maryland Cannabis Commission. The company, which has a license to operate from Berkeley, Calif.-based Steep Hill, is looking to set up a new lab in Columbia, Maryland.

Steep Hill first announced a Maryland presence in the past, and the company tests medical cannabis for potency and safety. It’s led by Andrew Rosenstein, who is a gastroenterology director at the University of Maryland Saint Joseph Medical Center and a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

The state picked 102 dispensaries, and 15 growers initially. Processing and Testing is another part of the equation to make sure patients are getting good products directly for consumption. At the moment there is also a bill in the Maryland General Assembly this session to legalize recreational marijuana, which Steep Hill’s California operation also tests. There is no word on it’s support, but for now Maryland residents can rest assured that medical cannabis will soon be available for purchase.

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