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Medical Marijuana Maryland
Maryland Announcing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by Nov. 21
November 6, 2016
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For Our Veterans
November 15, 2016
An updated infographic of Marijuana in the U.S.

An updated info graphic of Marijuana in the U.S.


States like Massachusetts and Washington, DC legalizing marijuana on a recreational base are creating a new horizon for the states on the eastern coast. The election on Nov. 8th has shown that America is going to be changing, as elected President Trump will be taking office in January.

Along with the changes that will be made, there is beginning to be a new outlook on the health benefits of marijuana. The state level legal allowance of medical usage for patients in the United States has grown tremendously. Now 28 states have provisions for medical marijuana. As key states, such as California and Massachusetts continue to hop on the train of recreational legalization, more dispensaries across these states and each of the other legal states will continue to grow exponentially.

Along with the changes from the election, Maryland is also taking provisions into its own hands and making changes that could shift the landscape as well! As a part of the MetroXMD team, I will be doing my part to focus on all the medical marijuana updates for Maryland! After all, we are the land of Mary!

The biggest changes will be coming in June 1st, 2017. As Maryland’s plans for setting up shop are specific and regulated at each step. However with the news from the election, Gov. Hogan might be speeding up the process sooner than expected. Be sure to check back for the latest info on all your marijuana needs!


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