Having Your Smoke Accessories Delivered

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July 1, 2015
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Having Your Smoke Accessories Delivered

smoke accessories

When you are ready to smoke, you will always need something to smoke it out of. Have you ever considered staying right in your home and having it delivered to you? Well there’s a company called MetroX DC that does just that. (www.metroxdc.com)

Every day, through their quality and speedy delivery service, MetroX DC provides its diverse demographic in the Washington Metropolitan area with rolling papers, water pipes, lighters, and pieces. After you make your order on their website, you will receive a text message that lets’ you know when your driver will be coming by your place of residence.

Within 20 minutes to an hour, your products will be delivered to your front door. They’re different than headshops, because they bring you quality, remarkable products without the hassle of talking to a salesperson at a shop. Why drive all the way to a headshop to pick up a product, when you can stay at home and relax, while your drivers deliver what you want, when you want, with no time wasted on your part.

What’s a bonus is that their drivers come equipped with a suit and a green bowtie which showcases their professionalism and  fun nature. Would you rather pay a lot of money and waste time driving to a headshop, or would you rather pay a competitive price and sit back in your recliner and wait for only 30 minutes to an hour for your products? Visit MetroX DC at their website to learn more about the delivery experience.

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