Creating a Bonafide Relationship With Your Medical Marijuana Doctor

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January 2, 2017
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Creating a Bonafide Relationship With Your Medical Marijuana Doctor

Many patients in the Washington DC area forget that they should be following up with their medical marijuana doctors as much as possible after receiving their medical marijuana card. Your medical marijuana doctor knows you best and can tell you if you’re doing something wrong, if your taking something that is not for you, or if there are any important factors you should know about your health.

Patients tend to forget that the doctor knows best. To fix this, patients should be creating bonafide relationships with their doctors. A bonafide relationship simply means the doctor and patient have a real and genuine relationship between each other. Patients aren’t just going to the doctor once when the relationship is considered bonafide. Medical marijuana doctors in Maryland (MD) are already creating these relationships with patients now and many patients in the West Coast already have their “go-to” doctors.

If you need assistance finding a doctor you can trust and see on a regular basis, let us know and we will formally make an introduction!

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