Cali Dispensaries Selling Recreational Pot Illegally

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Cali Dispensaries Selling Recreational Pot Illegally

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Proposition 64, which passed in November, postponed the start date for legal marijuana sales until January 1, 2018, giving California time to establish a licensing system. Recreational marijuana has been legal in the Golden State for two months, and although individuals are allowed to grow up to six plants or possess an ounce of weed, it is not yet legal for businesses to sell recreational pot. However, some medical marijuana dispensaries have begun promoting “Prop. 64-friendly” sales of marijuana to anyone able to prove they are over 21.


Some dispensaries simply require customers to sign a form stating “under penalty of perjury,” that they are legitimate medical marijuana patients. Although a bold move for these businessmen and women, the emboldened behavior of taking such risks comes from years of operating comfortably in a legal gray area like marijuana. The legality of selling marijuana may become even more risky if Jeff Sessions, a firm opponent of the plant, is confirmed as US Attorney General. If that were the case, marijuana will be under greater scrutiny and especially so for a state like California who is not in compliance and at risk of being raided.


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